Every interior design project we work on is curated just for you. We translate your vision into spaces that define you. If you’re building a new residence, or taking on a renovation, we can be the collaborative partner that bridges the gap between your architect and contractor. From the first day we meet to begin planning your dream house, we want you to feel excited and trust that we can make it all happen for you. If you live in the Dallas area, we would love to hear from you and talk about your project! 

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We offer an array of interior design services for your project. If you're building a new house, need to furnish a few rooms, or are just renovating one space like your kitchen, we can help.


We believe that the experiences you're exposed to in life, be it from travel, or a nostalgic time in your childhood, leaves a mark on your personal style. Follow Holly as she writes about her own experiences, both from her past and present.



Holly is one of the most professional, innovative and positive people we have ever deal with; her day-to-day involvement in our year-long project to renovate a beloved 1951 Palm Springs-style home was the key factor in a very successful end result.

Her suggestions made all the different. Because of Holly’s sense of humor, work ethic, eye for color and patience with our wavering decision making, the entire experience as most pleasant.

If anyone asks me about Holly’s work, I give her the highest compliment; we would hire her again without hesitation and would be confident that her work would be superb.
— Morton | San Antonio, Texas