What People are Saying

I was so fortunate to have worked with Holly and the team at HHMID. Holly and I started to work together while my house was still being designed. Holly scaled furniture into rooms so we could ensure that all the spaces were perfectly sized before they were built. Holly was my go to person for every detail of the house. In addition to helping me choose all the furnishings, fabrics, light fixtures and tiles for the entire 4 bedroom house, she designed the recessed lighting, custom built-ins and interior trim details. She also helped me pick door and cabinet hardware and faucets and fixtures. As a final touch to make my house a home, she introduced me to beautiful artwork and accessories.

I had never worked with an interior designer before, and I didn’t really know what my style was. I just knew that I wanted a house that was sophisticated but warm and comfortable. I also wanted it to be a colorful place that my young children would enjoy growing up in. Holly helped me to develop a style, and she encouraged me to take chances as my confidence grew. She succeed in creating a stylish home while considering practicality and durability for my young family. There were so many times that Holly would suggest something that I wasn’t sure about, but I often returned to the suggestion later knowing that it was the right thing to do. Holly would offer her opinion when I asked, but she never pushed for something that she knew I had doubts about.

By the end of our project I found myself choosing the more interesting and unique pieces. Where I was timid at first with wallpaper and used it sparingly in a powder room, I am now going back and adding it to my children’s bedrooms because I can see how much warmth it adds to our home. Holly suggested this from the very beginning by the way. She just let me figure it out in my own time.

It was such a pleasure to work with Holly, Kristen and the team at HHMID. I always felt that they took a personal interest in creating a beautiful home for my family. Holly is multi-talented. She has an eye for design, art and fashion, and she brings those diverse sensibilities to the spaces she designs. I would gladly recommend Holly and HHMID to anyone.
— Deborah, Client, Vermont

I have had the pleasure of photographing multiple projects with Holly. Her work is such joy to capture - she has a vision and creative sense that stands out in a crowded market. Her personality is as bright as the rooms she designs and is always professional and easy to work with. I can’t recommend her enough and look forward to working with her in the future!
— Matt, Interiors Photographer, New Braunfels, Texas

She gives a damn! Holly Hickey Moore’s professional attitude towards detail, design and budget is unsurpassed. With the magnitude of decisions to be made, she took the fear out of building my home. Holly worked with me on every aspect letting my personality shine through. With Holly at the helm, it removed the stress and allowed me to focus on my own business and family.

Working together halfway across the country was never a deterrent to the creative process. The whole experience was authentic. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for phase two.
— Peggy, Client, Comfort, Texas

Holly was extremely helpful in guiding our choices on how best to compromise between the interior design differences between my husband and me. And it shows in the end results. Best of all Holly made it easy, stress free and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with Holly.
— Client, Vermont

This was our first time working with a designer and renovating a home, and we were very lucky to have chosen Holly. She was able to very quickly ascertain our style and steer us in the right direction when we needed guidance. Her ability to re-imagine our space (converting a former hair salon into a cozy library/billiards room with mudroom) showed a great deal of creativity and innovation. Holly was very accommodating when budget constraints required redesigns. She also served as our on-site point person with the contractors as needed throughout the renovation, and kept us fully informed of any issues, changes, or adjustments that needed to be addressed. We would be happy to work with her again in the future.
— Client, Vermont
Holly IS the next generation of super star designers.
Having known her since she began her professional career, I feel very qualified to write this review for the next person looking to hire a professional designer. I have watched Holly layer her educational background with good taste, imagination,and fearless tenacity to
”get it right “.
As a junior designer in our firm , Holly traveled & worked with me on complex projects involving highly sophisticated ,but indecisive clients. This evolved into a collaborative working arrangement the 2 of us were blessed to have. As a Senior designer at BDG , I felt she was a true representative of the BDG brand.Our combined creative thinking ,problem solving,and energies made for some beautiful results for the happy clients. I am very ,very proud of the work we did together, and I miss her every single day.
Interior design is multi layered . Holly understands both the business side and the artistic side. She has made it her business to understand how this all works . Her integrity and work ethic are solid.
She is an excellent communicator, a fun colleague ,and a dear , dear friend .
I will always be here to recommend her, and to share my knowledge with her, as she does with me.
— Debbie, Colleague, San Antonio, Texas

Holly is a conscientious, thoughtful and thorough designer. Her professionalism, integrity and attention to detail make it easy to do business with her again and again. Those who have worked with a designer before will appreciate her transparency and reliability in the way she handles contracts, billing and budgets and her creative solutions. Those who haven’t can be confident they have a trustworthy teacher who will advocate with the contractor, trades people and to-the-trade vendors on their behalf.
— Kim, Colleague, Los Angeles

I truly enjoyed working with Holly Hickey Moore on my living room project. Holly identified my personal style and provided option after option of ideas and solutions that far surpassed my expectations. She is very talented combining color palettes, trims, and textures to create a truly unique custom design scheme. Furthermore, Holly was mindful of my budget, respectful of the project deadlines, and was accessible during the entire process. The installation was seamless and we are very happy with her work.

I would recommend Holly to anyone looking for a designer to help cultivate your personal style. Holly has an exceptional talent for creating a polished, functional, colorful, and creative living space.
— Client, Houston Texas

Ms. Moore has commissioned me to paint several pieces for her clients over the last decade. Every project gone extremely smooth, which in my industry is rare. It’s difficult to hire an artist to paint something that does not currently exist. I credit this to Holly’s ability to communicate well between her clients and me. She is a very talented designer and I have been honored to hang my work it the settings she supplied. Her taste level is impeccable. All billing, deposits, and payment requirements were met on time. When I get a call from HHMD to do work, I know it’s going to be a easy transaction.
— Krista, Artist, Dallas, Texas

Working with Holly on a higher end renovation project was seamless. The accuracy in her detail and her knowledge of construction practices combined to make her an excellent partner in this process.We look forward to working in conjunction with Holly again.
— Bob, Contractor, Vermont