Black Sheep Unique Rug

Last year, I entered a rug design competition put on by Black Sheep Unique. Damien Clarke, founder of Black Sheep Unique, insisted that I enter.  I was busy planning my own wedding at the time and thought taking on another project would be too much, but I entered anyway to keep my artistic skills in check. It had been a while since I pulled out a paint brush, but it brought me back to my college days of being in art class.

A couple of months later, I received a phone call from Damien telling me I won second place out of twenty-two entries in the rug design competition. My prize was a 4×6 wool rug, styled after my own design!  Damien and I met shortly after to plan out the actual design and fabrication of the rug. A digital rendering of the rug was produced, sent to me for approval, then to Nepal for production.

To the left, the winning sketch of rug for 1st Annual Rug Design Competition held by Black Sheep Unique in Austin, Texas. To the right is the rendering Black Sheep Unique generated for the weavers in Nepal to reference while weaving the rug by hand.

Below is the finished rug and a detail shot featuring my dog Dexter.