New Mexico, Nursery

Private Residence
Decorative Design

Albuquerque, NM

This nursery began as a room with plenty of natural light and a cozy wood floor, but it lacked the personal touches that make it ideal for play and rest. To make the best use of the light, we added roman shades because they block out the harsh sun, and still allow for diffused lighting. Grey and bright white tones complement the natural setting as oranges, blues and greens add a playful depth to the space. A geometric flat weave rug absorbs sound and creates a comfortable place to play and spread out. Simple, open shelving displays books, toys and games for easy access while closed storage houses the more functional nursery gear. Finishing touches like bug prints from Rifle Paper Company and portraits of the family dogs, Otto and Chloe, bring personality to the walls. Overall, the room is simple, sweet and bright for little Baby Hank.