Library | Grand Isle, Vermont






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A busy couple from Manhattan wished to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so they purchased a second home in rural Vermont for mini weekend retreats. The clients’ wanted to bring their own personality and style into the home, so the area they focused on updating first was a hair salon that was connected to the house used by the previous owner. It was basically a box of boring - white walls, laminate floors, a hair sink, and mismatched dated track lighting. The client’s desired for a space that felt like a cozy lodge, that was masculine and could be used to play pool and read next to a fireplace (that was nonexistent at the time).  

To fulfill the clients’ wish list, our idea was to make this space feel rich and moody. To achieve this, we added more layers to the space. The laminate flooring had to go, and in its place we selected an engineered oak floor that added depth and durability for high use and pets. We mirrored the clean rustic vibe by adding wood beams and paneling to the ceiling. A gas fireplace was brought which was sourced locally, and tall book cases to feature the clients’ book collection. We purposely used bookcases that were a tight fit so they tricked the eye into thinking they were built-in. To make the space feel cozy and add a bit of drama, we used a dark charcoal blue paint on the walls and fireplace.