Expert Q/A: Wood in Kitchens

Q: I love the look of wood floors in the kitchen, but is it really practical and long lasting?
Sherry V., Fort Worth, TX

A: Using wood floors in kitchens is absolutely ok as long as the right wood/finish is chosen. Choose a harder wood, like oak, hickory, or pecan, so that it can stand up to utensils and other things being dropped on it. For spills, you have to make sure its cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time to reduce any damage. Bamboo is also one of my favorites, and comes in a variety of different styles and colors. It is more comfortable to stand on than wood, and is very durable for spills and traffic.
I like to tell clients to look at other materials too, other than wood... cork is fun, natural and oh so resilient. It is also great for absorbing sound.
The right tile can also be very durable and low maintenance, plus it's available in some gorgeous patterns now.

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