I have been working on a design scheme for a Vermont client for their living space. Along with two adults, six kids and a dog, they enjoy entertaining, so they wanted their living space to have plenty of seating for socializing, watching TV and lounging around the fireplace.

I always like to start with furniture layouts by sketching over a scaled floor plan the old fashioned way. The challenge of this space is to have plenty of seating to lounge and entertain, but also allow for open traffic flow leading to various rooms off of the living area. I also want to center the seating group around the fireplace, as it is always good to have balance and something which draws the eye towards the focal point in the room. After several layouts, we decided this layout worked best for the family’s lifestyle.

This layout seats eight people comfortably, and the bench in front of the window can be moved into the seating group for more seating. Side and console tables are plentiful for table lamps, as there is no overhead lighting wired in the ceiling.

The home is located in a rural area in northern Vermont, on a beautiful spread of land. It is a modern farmhouse, but the client wanted to incorporate some ethnic pieces in the space to add color, texture and more interest. The living space is carpeted, so it is not necessary to add a rug. However, I wanted to anchor the seating group and add some color, so I incorporated a vibrant kilim rug to draw people in. I then layered the furniture, lighting and accent pieces to give a feeling of casual comfort with a global twist.

designHolly Moore