Vermont Salvage

I decided to go on a short weekend adventure in Vermont and ended up in the small town of White River Junction. It was a charming little place with a surprisingly bustling design community of architecture firms, interior design studios, home boutiques, and my fun of the day – Vermont Salvage.

I am working with a client in Texas who loves to turn unique finds into fabulous functional pieces she can use in her home, so I thought a salvage yard could be my gold mine. The warehouse was three stories, unheated, and it was a whopping 10 degrees inside. However, this was my wonderland and I excitedly walked through the space like a kid in a candy store. Among the architectural doors, hundreds of furniture legs, and an entire room dedicated to glass light covers, I found many things that could be re-purposed and used as everyday items in a home. I even found something for my client!

inspiration, design, travelHolly Moore