I have been working on a holiday greeting card and they have finally arrived! The interior on the front of the card is based off of a project I worked on with Debbie Baxter when I was with Baxter Design Group in Texas. We finalized this project right before my move to Vermont. I thought it would be fun to render this space into a Christmas interior. Can you tell which space it is?

This project was one that makes my job totally worth all of the hard work that goes into being a designer. The collaboration efforts between everyone involved were consistently energetic, positive and uber-creative. All projects can be full of unexpected tricky surprises, but we all worked as a team to execute and follow through with our visions for this mid-century remodel.

I am looking forward to sending these greeting cards out to everyone who has supported and mentored me in my new design business based in Vermont. December is a great time of year to reflect and look back at your growth and accomplishments. I will be also looking into 2013 by setting new goals personally and professionally. What are your goals for next year?

holidaysHolly Moore