Labor Day Style With Chippmunk

Not to confuse Chippmunk with the cute furry animal, Chippmunk is a site where you can go to score deals when shopping online. Whatever you’re looking for, you should hesitate before clicking on the “checkout now” button if you haven’t checked out Chippmunk!

Chippmunk approached me a few weeks ago and challenged me to a contest to create a Labor Day Look for the home using only $150 and deals found on Chippmunk. I’m used to working on a budget with every client – which forces me to be creative and think outside of the box. I was ready to take on the challenge, and with only $150 for a Labor Day Look, I really had to stretched my imagination. I was also pleasantly surprised to find how many deals were offered through Chippmunk.

To me, Labor Day is a sign that summer is winding down, and friends and family are getting together one last time before it’s back to school. Many people travel and gather for Labor Day, so I thought about the guest bedroom. The poor guest bedroom is often neglected and is most of the time the last space that gets any design attention. Often, it’s a hodge podge of your old bedroom furniture that you shoved into the spare room. Although your guest bedroom might not be designed like your other spaces, there are still inexpensive ways you can freshen up that space before your guests arrive.

One way of refreshing and styling can be with the nightstand(s). Using Chippmunk’s Labor Day challenge, and with only $150, I purchased this table from Target on sale for $67.49 and found a deal for free shipping on Chippmunk. I painted the legs of the table with a can of paint I had leftover from a project and made them look as if they were dipped.

The hardware the table came with wasn’t that exciting, so I purchased a Garden Hose Hook from Urban Outfitters and used it as a drawer pull. I also scored with these black and white finials (each on sale for $9.99) and drapery rod from Urban Outfitters and received 10% off everything plus free shipping using Chippmunk deals.

I wanted to use something different as a backdrop behind the nightstand, so I opted for the the Boro Stripe rug from West Elm. The rug was already on sale, but Chippmunk helped me save an additional 30% off the sale price, saving $22 overall!

The lighting and other accessories shown are pieces I gathered in various parts of my home that I already had. I made the tassel from embroidery thread I had with my sewing stash and it took less than ten minutes to make. Tassels are great accessories – you can make almost anything look chic by adding a tassel. All in all, I ended up saving $113 from using online deals from Chippmunk and came up with a great look for under 150 smackers!

Chippmunk has challenged 3 other Featured Bloggers alongside me to create a Labor Day home design using only $150 and Chippmunk deals. The contest is also being extended to anyone who would like to showcase a Labor Day outfit or home design creation using deals from Chippmunk. Just upload an image showing your outfit or design to Chippmunk’s Expert Shopper Gallery and don’t forget to share your savvy secrets. 5 people will win $100 gift cards to the Chippmunk store of their choice. 3 winners will be determined by community votes, 1 editorially (by me and my fellow Featured Bloggers), and 1 chosen at random. Hurry and submit your creative finds and stylings! Winners will be announced September 18th. Are you up for the challenge?

design, holidaysHolly Moore