Living in Vermont definitely has its advantages. There are all kinds of cool cities to visit that are just a few hours away. As a new designer to Vermont, I have been taking advantage of everything the New England area has to offer. There are mountains.  There are seasons. We live next to a massive body of water and the Canadian border is under an hour away. You can also drive to New York and Boston in a day. There is a multicultural vibe in this area that heavily influences people’s lifestyles. The geography does as well. Studying all of these elements has given me a better understanding of why people want what they want when they come to me for projects.

With that being said, my husband and I ventured up to Montreal to immerse ourselves in what is it like living in a French speaking city. We stayed at Zero-1, a hip hotel located near Chinatown, conveniently located within walking distance from Downtown and Mile End – a multicultural area filled with boutiques, restaurants and bars. Being surrounded by architecture centuries old and listening to people speak French all around you felt like we traveled for days to get to our destination. I couldn’t believe we were so close to home!

travel, inspirationHolly Moore