I have been working on a custom coffee table design with Debbie Baxter for a very hip client in Dallas, Texas.  We wanted the client to have a coffee table with a lift mechanism, but all of the prefabricated coffee tables with lift tops were not awesome enough for her screened porch. We were happy to get to use our creative juices and design something custom for our client.  So, we danced a little jig and collaborated on a design that looked cool and functioned the way we wanted it to.  The coffee table will be made of a paneled wood top and the edge of the table will be banded with inset mosaic marble tiles from a local favorite in San Antonio, Materials Marketing.  The lift mechanism will enable the table top to rise to 30″ high transforming the seating area into a dining area just by pressing a remote!  How cool is that? I just finished a sketch to propose to the client.

designHolly Moore