What I'm Wearin’ to ALT SLC

Over the past month, I’ve already virtually met so many Alt SLC attendees via social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Although I’m feeling overwhelmed about this incredible blogging conference I’m attending in just 24 hours, I’ve also been very inspired by everyone’s excitement, encouragement and blogs on this specific topic.


Thanks all of you bloggers behind Design Lotus, The Sparrow’s Nest, Design + Life + Kids, and Suburban Bitches for showing us what you’re going to wear to Alt SLC this year! It helps us newbies out a lot! Blog writers of The Road to The Good Life gives great advice on how to network and what to expect when interacting with conference attendees – a great reminder that we could all use every once in a while. And of course, advice on how to pack for a conference you’ve never been to before is so very helpful. Thank you bloggers behind Modish & Main, Pippin & Pearl, Blogging it Forward and All Sorts of Pretty for helping us figure out what to pack, bring and leave behind!

I don’t normally write about fashion or “what I’m wearing”, but I’ve decided to think outside the box of my typical posts (I’ve been inspired) and would like to share with everyone, especially the attendees of Alt SLC, what I’m going to wear during the conference. I really found this helpful from the other bloggers!

Being a Texas transplant now living in Vermont where the attire is more, uh, casual, I’m excited to kick it up a notch again. I’ve created three outfits for day, and three outfits for night to switch between day and evening events. I like to pack light, so I’ve made my outfits interchangeable. Also, bringing thin clothing is key and you can add more layers if you get cold. Thin garments aren’t the best for irons, so I’m packing a steamer.

1 | black skinny pants from banana republic 2 | seed bead earrings from francescas 3 | boots from Gilt  4 | spectacles from SALT optics 5 | orange blouse from zara 6 | leopard print blazer from BCBG

1 | jeweled necklace (gifted from a dear friend)  2 | teal skater dress from ella blue 3 | bohemian kilim bag (gifted to me from my amazing hubby) from anthropologie 4 | caramel leather booties from nine west

1 |  tulle and silk skirt from anthropologie 2 | pumps from nine west  3 | mustard tie blouse from gap | 4 tassel necklace from anthropologie 

1 | mustard tie blouse from gap  2 | belt from ella blue 3 | pleated skirt from anthropologie  4 | earring from urban outfitters  5 | flats from DSW

1 | ruffled blouse from the limited 2 | teal suede pumps from DSW 3 | tassel earrings from anthropologie  5 | floral maxi skirt from anthropologie

1 | ruffled blouse from the limited 2 | teal suede pumps from DSW 3 | tassel earrings from anthropologie  5 | floral maxi skirt from anthropologie

1 | copper clutch from ella blue 2 | suede pumps for DSW 3 | green crotchet dress from marshalls 4 | bone necklace from anthropologie

BTW, I’m packing flats that I’ll carry in my tote bag if I need to switch into a more comfortable shoe. I’m not really a fan of flats because I’m five foot tall, but nothing is worse than having achy feet!

I’m so excited to meet everyone in Salt Lake tomorrow!!

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