Match It! Orange

My awesome dad sent me an entire package of vintage matchbooks he scored off of Ebay. I’ve been wanting a set to toss into clear bowls and trays to add color and interest to my side tables and barcart. Matchbooks are great accent pieces, but I also wanted to point out that you can find inspiration almost anywhere, even in the smallest of forms.

If I’m struggling to find the perfect concepts and inspiration for a space, I turn away from the internet and the shelter magazines and look at the smaller things that surround me everyday. I find that beautiful patterns, colors and textures emanate from almost every object. Notecards, scarves, rugs, a collection of picture frames… Look around and you will find inspiration. If you’re drawn to something, ask yourself why and pull out the elements that you like about it. You never know, it could turn into the inspiration that you’ve been looking for to complete a space.

I love drawing inspiration from these vintage matchbooks. They are graphic and full of personality. They are like little presents – the most fun I had was seeing what color the matches were going to be under the flap.

Today, I want to start my matchbook series with the color orange. Orange is a vibrant, bold color and was used a lot in mid-century design  – one of my favorite design eras.  Orange is making a comeback and if you choose to use orange in an interior, just go with it. Be bold.

When I’m working on an interior and need to pull paint colors, my go to for color inspirations is the House Beautiful’s 500+ Favorite Paint Colors app on my iPad.  It’s only $4.99 and is totally worth it. If you’re struggling finding the perfect paint color, or choosing colors that work with a color you love, this app is the perfect solution.

Paint swatches and colors sourced from House Beautiful’s 500+ Favorite Paint Colors app for iPad.

Entryway designed by Jamie Bush & Co. via | Living Room designed by Christian Leone via Lonny 

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