Match It! Green

I’ve been hunkered down working on exciting projects (including my own house) but it’s time for a new blog post! I would like to continue to share with you the large bundle of vintage matchbooks my dad sent me last Christmas. They truly are inspiring little time capsules! It’s a grey out today, but during this time of year in Vermont, the green grassy hills, mountains and landscape seem to become even more vibrant when the sun hides behind the clouds.

Shades of green and warmer temperatures have inspired me to show you my collection of my little green matchbooks.

Personally, green is one of my favorite colors. I especially love kelly green. It reflects a sense of elegance and sophistication, but also makes an appearance during the spring and summer months in textiles and apparel to brighten up the drab, neutral wardrobes I’m so tired of at this point. I like using green anywhere when pulling spaces together. Tile, paint, cabinets, textiles, lighting…whatever!

Paint swatches and colors sourced from House Beautiful’s 500+ Favorite Paint Colors app for iPad.

Breakfast/Living Design by Alexandra Loew via Remodelista | Utility Room via Scandinavian Chic .

Dining Room designed by Fernanda Cunha Bueno via Casa Vogue | Bedroom via Tim Bowen Antiques.

Have any of you been to any of the places shown on the matchbooks?