Dwell With Dignity's Thrift Studio 2018

The month of April in Dallas brings us showers, but it also brings excitement for the design community with Dwell with Dignity’s fundraiser Thrift Studio, featuring vignettes of rooms pulled together by talented interior designers and tastemakers in Dallas using one-of-a-kind finds, art, and treasures donated by local artists, showrooms, and vendors. This time’s Thrift Studio was another crowd pleaser, and was bustling with energy. 

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The Lakehouse That Wasn't

When you think of lakehouse, you probably imagine a house full of shiplap, framed knots, and painted white floors. At HHM, we like to be different, and so do our clients (hooray for that!). For this lakehouse kitchen, our client wanted it to feel like an everyday kitchen not defined by lakehouse elements. Here are 3 things we did to make that happen...

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Holly Moore