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Match It! Green

Match It! Green

I’ve been hunkered down working on exciting projects (including my own house) but it’s time for a new blog post! I would like to continue to share with you the large bundle of vintage matchbooks my dad sent me last Christmas. They truly are inspiring little time capsules!┬áIt’s a grey out today, but during this […]

When I Grow Up…

When I Grow Up...

I received a phone call last December from a very kind and passionate woman from South Burlington High School asking me if I would like to participate in the Business Expo the high school puts on every year. She said the students had taken a survey, and interior design came highly requested. I felt honored […]

Work in Progress | Before & After Dining Room

Work in Progress | Before & After Dining Room

It’s fun to ooh and aaah over finished projects, but cool and exciting things are happening over here and I want to show you what’s going on during my projects. I’m starting this series with a project I’ve been working on with a lovely couple in Vermont. They moved into their house about nine months […]