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Material Board | Hillcountry Living

Material Board | Hillcountry Living

Back in February, I posted about project I’ve been working in the Texas Hill Country. Six months have passed, and we have finalized selections for the entire home. The foundation has been poured, walls are going up a limestone fireplace is almost complete! Here is the overall feel for the hub of the home, which […]

Match It! Green

Match It! Green

I’ve been hunkered down working on exciting projects (including my own house) but it’s time for a new blog post! I would like to continue to share with you the large bundle of vintage matchbooks my dad sent me last Christmas. They truly are inspiring little time capsules!┬áIt’s a grey out today, but during this […]

When I Grow Up…

When I Grow Up...

I received a phone call last December from a very kind and passionate woman from South Burlington High School asking me if I would like to participate in the Business Expo the high school puts on every year. She said the students had taken a survey, and interior design came highly requested. I felt honored […]